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Several Islamic preachers in Saudi Arabia brainwash Muslim migrants: PCoI observes

11 December 2020 05:34 am

The Presidential Commission of Inquiry (PCoI) probing Easter Sunday attacks yesterday observed that there were certain instances where Sri Lankan Muslims who go to Saudi Arabia were brainwashed by some Islamic preachers.

During the testimony of All Ceylon Jamiyyathul Ulama (ACJU) Chairman Rizwe Mufti, the Commission drew the witness’s attention to a video clip regarding a speech conducted by an Islamic Preacher to Sri Lankan Muslim migrants in Saudi Arabia.

The representative of the Attorney General’s (AG) Department questioned the witness regarding facts mentioned in the video.

ACJU Chairman Rizwe Mufti said that the speech conducted by an Islamic Preacher Dr Ahmed Ashraf mentioned three facts mainly related to the abandonment of Islamism, adultery and killing another person.

Meanwhile, the AG’S Department representative questioned the witness whether the preacher was giving advice on how to apply Sharia Law when such incidents occurred.

“I don’t think this kind of small advice given by certain preachers can do a massive change to people’s lives. He is only saying that what’s happening within Sharia Law,” he said.

The particular speech was conducted in Tamil to the Sri Lankan Muslim migrants and the AG’S department representative questioned the witness whether snippets from these kinds of speech could be used to manipulate extremist persons.

Agreeing with above statement ACJU Chairman Mufti said that people could use any part in every religion to manipulate a person with extremist thoughts.

He also highlighted the fact that there should be the same law for every religion, not only for Muslim people in the country. (YOSHITHA PERERA)

Source: Daily Mirror Online

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