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October 22, 2021

Presidential election to hold October 10


The country’s olitical leaders have agreed to hold a long-delayed presidential election on October 10, the prime minister’s office said Tuesday.

The office of Prime Minister Mohamed Hussein Roble unveiled the timetable for indirect parliamentary and presidential elections in a statement on Twitter, saying stakeholders had agreed to a roadmap for a vote following two days of talks in the capital Mogadishu.

In May, the warring leaders announced plans to commence the multi-stage election process within 60 days, helping ease political tensions.

The timetable announced Tuesday schedules elections for the upper house on July 25, and the lower house between August 10 and September 10.

Both houses are then convened and a vote for the president held on October 10.

The upcoming election, like others past, follows a complex indirect model.

Special delegates, chosen by the country’s myriad clan elders, pick lower house MPs while senators are nominated by state presidents and then endorsed by local legislatures.


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