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August 15, 2022

Somaliland Cautions IC on Inclusion in Planned Somalia Elections

The Government of the Republic of Somaliland, in light of a recent joint press statement in January 28, 2020, on Somalia’s electoral law by its international partners, would like to caution the international community against any interventions in the region that risk compromising Somaliland’s hard-earned, lawful and legitimate sovereignty, territorial integrity and political independence.

This per a press statement issued by the Somaliland ministry of foreign affairs in reaction to sentiments by the international community in relation to somalia election laws that read in part

Somalia’s international partners* reaffirm their commitment to supporting preparations for the 2020/2021 federal elections, adding that The partners stressed the importance of finding solutions to aspects of the bill that remain unresolved, such as the definition of constituencies, the allocation of Upper House seats, progress in achieving the Somali goal of “one person, one vote,” measures to ensure a minimum of 30 per cent representation of women, voting arrangements and representation for Banadir and Somaliland, as well as other operational arrangements.


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