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August 9, 2022
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Security operation in Saudi Arabia’s Dammam prevented terrorist attack

Ahmad Abdullah Sweed and Abdullah Hussein al-Nimer, the two wanted criminals who were killed in a security operation in Dammam. (Screengrab)

The security operation carried out in Saudi Arabia’s Dammam last week, which resulted in the death of two wanted criminals, prevented a planned terrorist attack, the Presidency of State Security said in a statement on Sunday.

Authorities seized five kilograms of Royal Demolition eXplosive (RDX), a chemical compound that is globaly used to make military explosives, that were found in a car, according to the security body’s spokesperson. The criminals had been planning to detonate the vehicle.

The statement named Ahmad Abdullah Sweed and Abdullah Hussein al-Nimer, who are of Saudi nationality, as the two criminals.

Sweed and al-Nimer had refused to surrender, and had been driving around in a car full of explosives before they hid in a building in the Al Anud neighborhood in Dammam, the spokesperson said. Police were able to enter the building and kill the two men.

Authorities also found and seized a machine gun, two pistols, and live ammunition in the car.

A third criminal was arrested and current investigations are underway. His name will not be released until the investigation is complete, the statement said.

Two wanted criminals were killed in a security operation in Saudi Arabia’s Dammam, an Al Arabiya correspondent reported last week. No further details were provided at the time.

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