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National ID Authority Bill Endorsed

Warsan staff

5th November, 2020

In its 3rd session of the House’s 8th assembly, the legislators held final discussions on Monday on the National ID Authority Bill earlier submitted by the council of ministers.

Mr Mohamed Mursal, the Speaker of the Lower House announced that 143 MPs were present in the chamber at Villa Hargeisa, the temporary seat of the House in Mogadishu.

Voting by show of hand took place soon after the debates ended.

“The Bill was passed unanimously with no abstentions or objections,” Mr Mursal said.



If the Bill is approved by the Upper House (Senate) and signed by President Mohamed Abdullahi Farmaajo, it will be the first time Somalia adopts a law that paves the way for the formation of a National ID Authority that will maintain the identity and statistics of the people in the country.

The authority, according to the Bill, will issue each person a unique ID number or ID Card.

“The unique ID number or card will enable a citizen to easily access government services, enhancing capacity to seek own rights,” the Bill says.

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