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Gadhafi’s cousin: NATO, UN Security Council responsible for Libya’s crisis

Former Libyan leader, Muammar Gaddafi [US Navy photo/Wikipedia]

The political official from the Libyan National Struggle Front, Ahmed Gaddaf Al Dam, blamed NATO and UN Security Council over the political crisis and struggles in Libya, news agencies reported on Friday.

Speaking to Russia’s Sputnik News Agency, Gaddaf Al Dam, who is the cousin of the late Libyan dictator Muamar al Gadhafi, said that “what happened in Libya is based on a falsehood, and what is built on falsehood is void.”

He said that NATO “destroyed a country that was a safety valve in the Mediterranean from the ​​North African side,” claiming that the Libyan politicians instated by “NATO missiles are not legitimate, because the missiles do not make legitimacy for anyone.”

The former regime official refers to the internationally-backed Libyan government based in Tripoli.

Gaddaf Al Dam continued: “The Western countries are trying to have their agents to control Libya because the legal system in Libya was not overthrown by the Libyans. The legal system, the police, the army, the security services, the writers, the journalists and tribes have been resisting NATO and its allies, so that they were removed from power.”

He claimed that the government in Tripoli “will not be able to lead a country” because its “loyalty is to the West, and not to the homeland,” arguing that its officials “came in a frigate under foreign protection.”

At the same time, he claimed that the Libyan government officials do not have any idea about how to run Libya and as it is comprised of expatriates that had not lived in the country for years.

“The West,” he said, “does not want to solve the problem … It manages the conflict and does not want an end to it.”

The former Libyan official, who lives in Cairo, announced his support for the renegade Libyan commander Khalifa Haftar and his army.

Recently, the government in Tripoli, backed by Turkey stopped a year old attack on the capital by Haftar’s army, who is overtly being backed by a number of Arab countries, including Egypt and the UAE and overtly at least by Russia, France and Italy.

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