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EU court rules in favor of late Mubarak’s family in assets cas

Former Egyptian president Hosni Mubarak (L), arrives with his two sons Gamal (C) and Alaa (R) to testify during a session in the retrial of Muslim Brotherhood members in southern Cairo on December 26, 2018



The European Court of Justice ruled in favor of late Egyptian president Hosni Mubarak on Wednesday, unfreezing assets blocked more than 10 years ago.

A European Union decision last March put an end to sanctions put in place against Mubarak and his family after his 30-year rule ended in January 2011 during the Arab Spring.

Mubarak’s wife, two sons and their wives were barred from touching any assets held in the EU, with a ban on individuals or entities helping them obtain any funds.

Originally in place to help Egyptian authorities in recovering misappropriated state assets, the ruling said the “unnecessary prolongation of the measure could no longer be justified.”

Mubarak’s family will be granted access to the funds frozen in the EU, with the Council of the European Union to pay costs incurred by the family.

If there is no challenge by the council within the time limit for appeal, the family will be able to reach the funds after banks are notified.

This ends a long legal battle fought by Mubarak and his family against the sanctions, with victory coming after he died in 2020 aged 91.

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