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September 19, 2021

Ethiopia: ‘No retreat from filling the Renaissance Dam and no war with Sudan’

Construction work on the Renaissance Dam in Ethiopia on 21 August 2015 [Sigma PlantFinder/Twitter]

The Ethiopian Prime Minister Abe Ahmed said that “the decision to fill the Renaissance Dam is irreversible.” He added that Addis Ababa will go to war with Sudan as the two countries “agree on the settlement of border disputes.”

He added that his country is not seeking to harm others, pointing out that the Renaissance Dam is mainly aimed at the development of Ethiopia, according to statements broadcasted by Al-Arabiya TV channel.

As far as the tension on the borders with Sudan is concerned, he said: “We will not go to war with Sudan, and the two countries have agreed upon settling the border disputes.”

Earlier, the Ethiopian minister of irrigation published a recent photo of the dam showing the progress of construction, with negotiations still ongoing between Egypt, Ethiopia and Sudan.

Source: M. E’ Monitor

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