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November 29, 2020
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‘AU calls on Americans to remain calm’: Best #ElectionDay tweets

As Americans vote to select their president, social media awash with humour, analysis and anxiety.

4 Nov 2020

AU calls on Americans to stay calm”: #ElectionDay best tweets | News - Sky Influencer

People across the United States have voted in one of the most polarising presidential elections in the country’s history – and the race is also playing out on social media.

The #Vote2020 and #ElectionDay hashtags are trending in most countries on Twitter, as the world closely follows the hard-fought matchup between Donald Trump and Joe Biden, on Tuesday.


Sam Morril@sammorril
No matter what happens, I feel secure knowing the good people of Twitter will handle it with with the utmost class.

Karl Sharro@KarlreMarks

Whatever happens we can agree this was the ok boomer election


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