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Kenyan medics ‘forced to reuse gowns and masks’


, 2020

The majority of health workers in Kenya have been forced to reuse personal protective equipment (PPE), according to a study by Kenya Legal and Ethical Issues Network (Kelin).

Most of the health workers interviewed in the study said there is a lack of regular supply from government.

Only 17.8% said they were regularly supplied with protective equipment.

More than half of those interviewed said they had received training on how to prepare and handle a confirmed case.

The World Health Organization’s Emergency Operations Programme Manager Dr Michel Yao told the BBC that governments need to offer refresher programs to health workers regularly so that they are better equipped to take care of patients, as well as protect themselves.

“The most important thing is rehearsal. If you don’t practise you can make a mistake and expose yourself as well as your families,” Dr Yao said.

Source: News Agencies

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