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June 19, 2021
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Erdoğan is shaking the colonial order

İbrahim Karagül

Ibrahim Karagül

It is everybody living in this country’s national duty to believe in Turkey, lend it strength, stand by its side, contribute to the rise of 21st century’s great power, and support the leaders who brought it to its current position.

The Turkey axis is now a single political identity. This axis is going to advance further with greater speed; it is going become stronger and achieve success; it is going to negate all pursuits aimed at weakening it.

Those who attempt to take shortcuts, get caught up in old claims, and determine priorities above Turkey will be left behind.

Great threats, great attacks, extraordinary resistance. Their plans all collapsed

We are encountering major threats. We are fighting on major fronts.

We are facing huge attacks. We are witnessing great treachery. We are showing an extraordinary stance, an extraordinary resistance against all this.

As Turkey continues to resist, bad blood and plots spanning back centuries are spoiled.

As Turkey continues to resist, the region’s power map changes.

The whole status quo that was established post-World War I is collapsing.

When Turkey awakens, the regions awakens; cities, streets, awareness awaken.

Western policies aimed at re-designing this region, running it, keeping it under control, and looting its resources are collapsing.

Because the century of self-defense is over

Because the century of self-defense is over.

Because the century of groveling is over.

Because the century of desperation is over.

Because the era of being others’ front, taking position and assuming roles in accordance with the security and interests of others is over. That ship has sailed.

The West, namely the U.S. and Europe, are now going to have to reshape their relations with Turkey in accordance with Turkey’s realities.

It is no longer Turkey that needs to shift its paradigm but them.

There is now a superpower they can no longer stop, a superpower on which old tactics will have no effect. The current reality is that their old bluffs, threats, blackmail, pressures, and deceptive methods will no longer work.

This is because Europe is no longer a charming goal for us, because we are determining our own destination, our own path, our own power. Such attempts on a Turkey that cannot be stopped, that cannot be made to surrender, that cannot be held under tutelage will yield no results.

Their former taunts, arrogance and pride holds no value for us anymore. Let them go and use it on countries like the United Arab Emirates (UAE) and Saudi Arabia.

Great projects, geopolitical attempts, powerful words

The world is experiencing shattering power shifts. The Atlantic axis has fallen apart. The global power domain is being reshaped. It is not only the power map that is going to be reshaped accordingly but actual maps will also be redrawn and wealth will be redistributed.

Right at this moment, the world is surprisingly watching Turkey making a miracle happen. Turkey is dropping an anchor in the middle of all their plans. It is taking big, bold, determined and stubborn steps by making sure to gauge the world’s and the region’s future.

Major projects are being announced one after the other.

Geopolitical steps are being taken one after the other.

All uncompleted plans are being resumed.

Claims that were put are now being re-opened for discussion.

Powerful words that will shape the future have been dug out from the depths of history.

Erdoğan is shaking the colonial order

The siege surrounding our entire southern border is being broken; those walls are being destroyed one by one. Turkey is standing against the plans to siege from the East Mediterranean and the Aegean with complete determination, even if the entire Western world opposes it. It is not only engaging in defense but also in offense. It is crying out that it is right and mighty.

Turkey’s stance, despite certain groups within the country striving to fuel public unrest, is giving strong signals capable of changing the world’s order.

The speeches, statements by President Recep Tayyip Erdoğan in the last month alone, policies that are consistent with these words are shattering the colonial order of centuries, their colonialists, imperialism, and the order they established.

They are building new fronts to stop this. They are establishing new alliances and new partnerships. Yet, to no avail; they cannot do it; they are unable to spook Turkey. It is not going to happen. They will never be able to achieve this.

A new surprise every day. You will be stunned!

All this is not racket or heroic discourse. It is an extremely rational, intelligent, well-calculated process that is in compliance with the realities of history and the region, and will continue.

Turkey is testing pinnacles we have never before seen or even imagined to see in technology. It is taking massive steps that will leave behind countries that we thought we could never catch up to.

As they watch, stunned, Turkey is stepping out in front of the world with a new surprise almost daily. It is creating great waves from space technology to the defense field, from health to industrial production, from service to social identity.

Frankly, I do not think even they are able to estimate what this wave will bring about in tomorrow’s world.

Turkey will continue to drop jaws and the whole world is going to bear witness to this!

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