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Socotra Archipelago…Emirati & international ambitions for place uniqueness

September 17. 2023
Since the UAE state entered Socotra archipelago, its goal has become clear: to invade all of the island’s capabilities, obliterate its features and identity, and change everything that confirms its Yemeniness.

The UAE occupation state opened the island to the Israeli intelligence services, which flocked to it under the guise of tourists, especially since the island was and still is the focus of international ambitions, due to its tourism, environmental and economic potential accordingly, Israeli visits to the island, including military and intelligence, increased.

The island has a distinct and important geopolitical location due to its presence in the axis of maritime traffic in the Red and Arab Bahrain and the entrance to Bab al-Mandab Strait. This location made it vulnerable to the ambitions of colonial countries, past and present, waiting for appropriate opportunities to enter the island, until the exceptional event in Yemeni history came, represented by this unjust war, so that the UAE took among them is a pretext to enter Socotra Island, occupy it, and hand it over to the Zionist authorities, which for many years have dreamed of being present in the pearl of the islands in the world.

The UAE did what the colonial powers could not do on the island and entered it under false names, taking advantage of the state of weakness, division and fragmentation in the Yemeni reality, which came as a result of a war launched against Yemen. The Zionist military and intelligence presence, which has been dreamed of for decades.

Occupying the island of Socotra and destroying, plundering , stealing its resources, antiquities and natural components is a crime that is added to the series of crimes of the UAE in many Arab and Islamic countries and more. The UAE dealt with it in a worse way than the British and French colonial powers dealt with it, strengthened by the oil money it earned and directed this bad direction to destroy Arab entities ,countries and Islamic without the scruples of religion, Arab, Islamic affiliation, and a common history.

The UAE occupation state will not be able to swallow the Yemeni island of Socotra, as it is too big for it, and there is no comparison historically, culturally or environmentally between it and a bastard state that is not more than seventy years old. Fate wanted it to obtain enormous oil wealth that pushed the Arabs of the desert to attack the structure without awareness or reason.


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