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Major Ethiopian political parties reportedly declined meeting with PM Abiy



Ethiopian Prime Minister Abiy Ahmed is reportedly meeting with opposition parties, this coming Monday,  for “discussion.”

According to a Wazema Radio report, he will be meeting with both regional and national parties.

Regional parties are ethnic-based political parties as they operate in regional states – which are also instituted on the basis of ethnicity – a system that is believed to aggravated ethnic violence in the country.

However, nine members of the opposition political parties caucuses  – national and ethnic parties –  including Oromo Federalist Congress (OFC) and Ogaden National Liberation Front ONLF) have reportedly declined to attend it.

National parties will have six and regional parties three representatives for the “discussion” with the Prime Minister – Wazema reported citing its sources. Those who attend it are said to have a training session on Tuesday. However, What Abiy Ahmed’s government wants to train opposition parties is unclear at this point.

Abiy Ahmed has been having “discussions” with different groups for several weeks now. In what appears to be utter disregard to government processes and procedures, there were instances where he was seen giving directions on stage to government officials.

His government has been facing a legitimacy crisis for several years now due to the failure of his government to maintain peace and security in the country. He has also been criticized over egregious human rights violations in connection with the military operations he is undertaking in the Amhara region of Ethiopia.

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