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Terror Attacks unfolding in Uganda

The UK Foreign office on November 9 warned British Citizens of possible terror attacks in Uganda.
This turned into a grim reality this morning. The situation is currently emerging, and data is still conflicting.

  • Two explosions have been reported in Kampala, Uganda a week after Kenya heightened its vigilance.
  • According to local media in Uganda, an explosion has gone off at Raja Chambers, along Parliamentary Avenue in Kampala.
  • Another bomb explosion was reported at the entrance of the Central Police Station.

An updated situation from the NECOC team summarized:

  • 6 confirmed dead including 2 police officers
  • 8 confirmed injuries
  • more verification being done on number of injured
  • 1 more bomb discovered at the transformer of Kooki Tower opposite CPS. It has been detonated.
  • 2 more bombs discovered near Buganda Road court.
  • Police Counter Terrorism doing their best to locate bombs and detonate.

A second update says by a deputy ED, Rosemary Byanyima said:
They are currently treating 27 casualties of the bomb blast, 7 are in critical condition while 20 are in stable condition.

This seems a planned syndicate of terror and the possibility of more bombs planted around strategic locations and critical facilities possible.

Tourists are not affected by the attacks at this time.

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