For Ethiopia’s economic stability and peace, prime minister Abiy and Jawar must put nation first

Ethiopian prime minister and Nobel peace prize winner Abiy Ahmed is facing a crisis in his hands. The unrest in the Oromia region that has left more than 78 dead and could rise exposes the volatility of the situation

Triggered by a Facebook post by Jawar Mohamed, an Oromo activist and media mogul who claimed security forces were after his life. This led to his supporters thronging the streets to pour their anger against Abiy.

Despite the fact that security forces have denied any plans to take out Jawar. This spat of violence exposes the ethnic tensions in Ethiopia. It is also sad as reported by the Ethiopian Human Rights Commission that some 10 deaths were as a result of security forces.

Abiy and Jawar must put the nation first and put aside their long-held differences. Ethiopia has gained economically and instability will derail all the progress made.

Warsan commentary

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