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We must do things our way- by Professor Pfuwa

NATION building is not an overnight process.

It takes so many things to achieve it.

Immense sacrifices create the path towards attaining that thrust.

Huge efforts are put towards making that goal possible.

Dedication and unbridled commitment drive that objective.

And all those attributes naturally come from the people.

It is the people who toil for that to happen.

The people put their lives on the line to make a nation.

They drive the national agenda.

They formulate it.

They implement it.

They drive it towards the success of the country.

They come up with solutions that make a country tick.

They put their efforts towards making their country thrive.

They do not relent because they are the owners of the country.

They are the owners of the land.

They are the owners of the resources.

They are masters of their destiny.

They are principals of their future.

The people are the future of the country.

Yet in all this, something seems to be missing in Zimbabwe.

Something fundamental seems to be eluding us as a nation.

Something that is a serious threat to our well-being as a nation.

A critical issue that makes our future delicately poised, uncertain and on the brink.

We are too divided as a people and as a nation.

We have yet to embrace the fact that this is our country.

That we are owners of the land.

That we have domain over everything in this beloved nation.

That we have a mandate to develop it.

That we have a God given right to exploit the land’s resources for the benefit of the masses.

That no one has the right to tell us what to do with our country.

Outsiders have no place in this quest and have no voice in that objective.

They do not determine our path.

They do not determine our future.

Our future is in our hands.

It is in our grasp.

It is in our means.

Last week we were told that the IMF was not happy with our economy.

The impression that emanated from their supposed concern was that we should be very very worried.

We will tell them our feelings.

We will tell them with no fear or favour that we are Zimbabwe.

We do things our own way.

We see through their machinations.

And crucially, that we have our own formula when it comes to running our economy.

Our economy should be in the hands of the majority.

That is why we waged the struggle against colonialism and its vestiges.

That is why we took up arms against the enemy.

Still, that enemy will not relent.

We will not pay attention to what the IMF says for as long as we have our land.

We will not listen to what outsiders say if it is anti-people.

We do things our way.

We are the real and true owners of this country!

Originally published in The Patrion-Zimbabwe

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