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The Murderous Ideologies Behind Covid-19, We Won’t Get Fooled Again


Viruses are Detergents But C-19 is an Injectable-Only Bioweapon



All viruses are good.  “(Natural) Viruses are detergents.
AIDS was invented in a lab at UCLA in 1961-62 to study cancer (funded by DOD).
AIDS, Swine Flu and SARS-2 are bioweapons (not viruses)
The only way to ‘catch’ a bioweapon is by injection.”
– Aajonus Vonderplanitz, PhD.

When so many corporate and government fiefdoms are dependent on COVID-19 money in a time of historic economic contraction, occupational and advertising ideologies develop to redefine what viruses are. Ideology is not a mere idea or scientific definition but a rationale to cover up economic interests, such as free enterprise ideology covering up a monopoly economy, communism camouflaging oligarch wealth concentration or vegetables are health food not poisons.  George Bernard Shaw expressed it this way: “Every profession (occupation) is a conspiracy against the laity”.   Sociologist Peter Berger describes how occupational ideology operates: “it is much easier to deceive ourselves, given that, the liar, by definition, knows he is lying, but the ideologist does not.”  So, getting an accurate conception of bugaboo viruses is nearly sociologically impossible in a welfare capitalist state due to so many vested interests by those in power and secrecy surrounding bioweapons.

An outcast un-monetized group of retired doctors who have no economic stake in COVID-19, credibly state there is no such thing as a virus.  They point out that a virus has never been isolated in a lab or taken from a sick person and given to healthy people where it made them sick.  Nor has any virus study ever included a control group. Below is a sociologically informed attempt to separate ideology from what is knowable about viruses and C-19.

Virus is a Detergent

According to Aajonus Vonderplanitz, PhD, what is called a “virus” is a detergent or soap that flushes the human body of unbroken down protein called a metabolite or exosome that is laden with toxins and metals.  Such stored dead, toxic proteins start being eliminated during flu season when the human liver is overwhelmed with toxicity or when sunspots or some electrical field triggers toxemia. Vonderplanitz says viruses are not a microbe, a bacterial byproduct, or a parasite (interview here). Natural viruses have no nucleus, respiratory, circulatory or digestive system, just as liquid laundry soap is not alive.

Natural viruses cannot be isolated because they are a liquid solvent. Vonderplanitz describes virus as like the fluid discharge from a runny nose or the tearing of the eye or perhaps. Virus or flu is distinguished from a “cold” that occurs to rid the body of mainly a bacterial infection.  Conversely, flu or viral infection is when the body rids itself of toxemia and poisonous chemicals.

Countering the self-serving ruling occupational ideologies of health food industries, Bruce Ames, Phd, U. of California, states: there are 10,000 times more natural pesticides from organically grown plant foods than from industrial pesticides. A flu occurs when bacteria and enzymes in the liver and kidney cannot break down enough infection from inorganic chemicals, heavy or light metals, undigested protein and fat metabolites (non-nutrients), natural plant poisons and toxins, antibiotics and drugs.  All epidemics are mass food poisonings induced by weather cycles says J.H. Tilden, MD, (Toxemia Explained,1940).  To reduce toxemia, all plant foods would have to be boiled, pressure cooked, fermented, soaked, sprouted and eaten with supplemental stomach acid and enzymes.

Vonderplanitz states there are about 300,000 different types (or variants) of viruses that correspond to the number of various organs and tissue groups in the body. “All natural viruses are good” and are not a germ because they are needed to periodically cleanse the body says Vonderplanitz.  Because viruses are specific to each body, natural viruses cannot cross species, so there can be no natural Swine Flu or Monkey Pox.

This debunks the CDC and WHO which falsely claim they have isolated and sequenced COVID-19 as a naturally occurring virus. But the “no virus” crowd also fails to see what homeopathic doctors observed over 100 years ago: virus is a solvent that cleanses out toxemia, which is the root cause of disease.  Solvent extracts from trees such as milk thistle are similarly used like viruses to facilitate filtering toxic-laced food (or alcohol) through the liver.

The human body is a self-restoring organism through the processes of elimination of toxemia (not an immune system): defecation, urination, respiration, perspiration and hydration. Research by Dr. Milton J. Rosenau, MD, of Harvard, and many other studies, during the 1918 Spanish Flu and afterwards could not find that coughing or sneezing by sick persons can infect healthy persons. Viruses are not contagious. But the toxin flushing process can apparently be triggered socially like young women who all work in the same place will have their periods line up on the same day.

Toxic overload that the liver and kidney cannot process during a flu can bring about “vicarious elimination” where other organs such as the lung are called on to help detox. If one eats food during a bad flu, one risks creating their own pneumonia of lung fluid to flush out toxins.  So, treating the lung solely as a respiratory disease (COPD, Pneumonia) does not address the cause.   Treating the respiratory symptoms with inhalers, Ivermectin or Hydroxychloroquine, antibiotics or inoculations likewise do not deal with the underlying cause (Henry Beiler, MD, Food is the Best Medicine, 1965).

COVID-19 Bioweapon is Murderous Ideology Covering up a Financial Crisis

According to Vonderplanitz, for humans to acquire what are called viruses from animals (bats, pigs, etc.) they must be made in a lab and can only be transmitted by injection. He says Swine Flu was made in a factory and injected just as AIDS was made in a lab at UCLA in 1961-1962 purportedly to study cancer but funded by the Department of Defense under bioweapons research. David Martin, PhD, says COVID-19 was made in a lab at the University of North Carolina in 2005 by weaponizing the common cold. Martin points out that MNRA lipid nanoparticle inoculations are targeted at interrupting hepatocyte liver cells needed to flush out toxins.  He says COVID-19 is an act of coercive domestic terrorism, is a deceptive medical practice and racketeering operation resulting in mass murder.  To Martin, COVID-19 is an ideology that covers up a financial crisis that the Social Security/Medicare systems will go broke by 2028 and the elderly age cohort are being institutionally murdered so that politicians don’t have to confront opposition when this occurs.

This Time Around, We Won’t Get Fooled Again

All you people who got the jab
’cause you fell for the lies and the TV blab
don’t be fooled this time around.
Everybody knows what’s going down.

Everybody knows somebody who died
from the Covid vax because Big Pharma lied
or someone whose immune system’s shot to hell
because they fell for Bill Gates’s hard-sell.

Fauci and Gates belong in the ground.
We won’t be fooled this time around.

The Covid crooks want lockdowns and masks
but this is the question you must ask:
“What evidence have you the vaccines are safe?
Your clot-shot campaign is a global rape.
There’s no proof the virus even exists
yet you punish anyone who resists.”

Trudeau and Sunak belong underground.
We won’t be fooled this time around.

Thousands of people are dropping dead
shortly after they got the vaccine.
Turbo cancers are exploding.
Myocarditis is destroying teens.
Fake “climate change” is not the culprit.
Everyone knows it’s the vax
but the censored, corrupt Mainstream Media
lies to you and suppresses the facts.

Everybody knows what’s going down.
We won’t get fooled this time around.
Klaus Schwab is a sick clown.
No W.H.O. this time around.
Gavin Newsom, Kathy Hochul,
Gates and Fauci should be gagged and bound.
We don’t get fooled this time around.
No lockdowns.  No masks.
No shot in the arm.
The Covid scamdemic has caused massive harm.
Do not fall for their Big Lie.
Resist.  Organize.


Live Free or Die.

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