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The government imposes night curfew


April 13, 2020 04:06 AM

The Somali government has imposed a nighttime curfew in the capital where the country’s first two deaths from CoronaVirus have been recorded.

Commander of the police General Abdi Hassan Mohamed has said the curfew will be effective starting  April 15, and will be in place in the hours between 8:00pm and 5:00am local time. No date has been set for lifting the curfew.

The curfew will affect traffic and businesses. It will not affect shops that are selling dry foods, hospitals and pharmacies, officials say.

The curfew came on the day the country recorded its second death from Corona Virus. The victim was a regional parliamentarian and  Minister of Justice for Hirshabelle state administration.

Khalif Mumin Tohow fell ill in the town of Jowhar, 90 kilometers north of Mogadishu in late March. Hirshabelle state Minister of Health Muhiyadin Mukhtar Moallim told the VOA Somali Service that Tohow showed all the symptoms of Covid19 on April 2. He was then transported to Mogadishu for treatment where he died on Sunday. He was 69.

The government has also reported four new Covid19 cases, bringing the total number in the country to 25.

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