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Probe if Covid-19 is man-made: Pakistan MP

A worker sprays disinfectant in an effort to curb the spread of the coronavirus, in Islamabad, Pakistan (AP photo)

The coronavirus has so far killed 59,456 people worldwide and infected more than 1,122,320

By PTI in Islamabad
  • Published 5.04.20, 12:46 AM
  • Updated 5.04.20, 12:46 AM

    A Pakistani lawmaker has appealed to the UN to form a commission to probe if coronavirus is a man-made or a naturally grown virus and also trace its origin, according to a media report.

The motormouth former Pakistani interior minister, Rehman Malik, in a letter to UN Secretary-General Antonio Guterres, suggested that the proposed commission on Covid-19 under the UN Convention on Biological Weapons, 1975, might comprise of virologists, scientists, professors, researchers, analysts and experts in the fields of microbiology and virology, the Dawn News reported.

Making the letter public at a news conference through a video link, Pakistan People’s Party (PPP) Senator Malik said the commission should present its report to the UN secretar-general in three months, and give recommendations to prevent future breakouts of such viruses, and international standards for coordination in case of a breakout.

The Covid-19, which originated in China’s Wuhan city, has so far killed 59,456 people worldwide and infected more than 1,122,320 in 190 countries.

For the proposed UN commission on Covid-19, Malik has proposed seven ‘terms of references’ to the UN secretary general.

These include accurate identification of the geo-location of the Covid-19’s origin, identification of areas with zero patient, discovery as to why the behaviour, intensity and fertility rate of Covid-19 varies from country to country.

Source: The Telegraph- India

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