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More countries are experiencing severe side effects of astrazeneca vaccine

2nd April, 2021
Kenya has joined other countries in the world that have suffered severe side effects of the UK-AstraZeneca jabs that are meant to prevent the coronavirus’s contraction.

The Kenya Pharmacy and Poisons Board is currently investigating seven severe incidences of the AstraZeneca vaccine’s side effects.

KDRTV has established that the even cases were among the 263 cases reported across the country, reported Heath CAS Rashid Aman reported on Thursday. However, the CAS did not give many details about the cases under the investigations.

So far, 196 435 people in the country have received the vaccine majority being including the 74 698 Health Care workers, 14, 364 security officers and 24, 615 teachers.

During a press conference in the statehouse, President Uhuru Kenyatta said that Kenya is working with partners around the world to ensure that all Kenyans access the coronavirus vaccines.

Europe have suspended using the AstraZeneca vaccine citing side effects such as blood clots and even deaths.

According to the Ministry of Health, Kenya targets that by June 2022, around 26 million Kenya would have received the coronavirus vaccine.

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