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Clan conflict in Galmudug escalated, 55 dead


A violent clash between two clans in central Somalia has resulted in the loss of at least 55 lives, with another 155 individuals sustaining injuries, according to reports from residents and medical authorities on Monday.

While Somalia’s federal government grapples with the persistent threat posed by the Al Qaeda-affiliated al Shabaab group, it also finds itself entangled in clan-based conflicts over territorial control and access to essential resources in the Horn of Africa nation.

The confrontation, which unfolded over the weekend is between two opposing clan militias formerly allies in the fight against al Shabaab, engaged in hostilities in the towns of Abudwaq and Herale in the Galmudug region, sparked by disputes over grazing lands and water sources, as cited by Farah Nur, a respected clan elder and resident of Herale.

“Government forces came late. Unfortunately 55 people died, this includes both clans,” he told media.

“It was easy to stop (the fight) but it didn’t happen. The situation got out of hand and spread like a wildfire.”

Despite efforts to contain the conflict, senior officials from the Galmudug administration did not provide immediate comments regarding the incident when approached by Reuters.

Healthcare facilities in Herale, Abudwaq, and neighboring towns disclosed that they treated 115 individuals wounded in the clashes. Deceased victims were promptly laid to rest, according to local residents.

The skirmishes eventually simmered down following the deployment of federal government troops, as reported by eyewitnesses.

“There is (a) ceasefire but the mood is not good. A permanent ceasefire is needed,” Sadia Hussein, a mother of four, told media from Abudwaq.


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