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A leader like Erdoğan, a country like Turkey… This is a global wave. It can no longer be stopped!

İbrahim Karagül

Turkey is a major player. It causes deep ripples in everything it touches. Every country it supports gains strength and recovers. Any country it disassociates itself with weakens and turns into putty in the hands of others.

Turkey is questioning, shaking, changing all set patterns of the old word, and sometimes even eliminating them. It is cracking all power domains and altering their strategies.

Turkey is introducing innovations in every area from mental cliches to regional presuppositions. It is introducing extremely strong claims from the shaping of the region to the restructuring of global power domains.

Turkey is refreshing the memory of nations

Turkey is refreshing and resurrecting the memory of countries and nations. It is reminding them of their claims and ideals. It is helping them with their troubles and offering advice on how they can overcome them.

Turkey is saying extremely powerful words to the countries, nations, peoples that are oppressed, who are exploited, whose resources are plundered and taken hostage. It is acting as a role model for them. It is offering them an alternative of strength, confidence, and courage.

Turkey is telling them how to deal with adversity, how to succeed. It is showing them that they can be a true nation, that they can be free, that they can build their own strength.

Turkey is casting off everything tying it down

Turkey is liberating itself from all problems that will tie it down for the sake of much bigger showdowns. It is purging its areas of weakness, areas of tutelage, and all areas that may cause pressure on it.

One after another, Turkey is finalizing all areas of conflict and dispute. It is swiftly resolving and concluding all matters that have been waiting on tables and shelves for years. It achieves this sometimes through diplomacy, and sometimes military means – but it definitely concludes it.

A Turkey bloc is developing now. We call this the ‘Turkey axis’

Turkey is the most important country questioning the Western world. Turkey is the country that is able to voice loud and clear that the centuries-old world order, which destroyed empires in our region and the East, which collapsed states and nations, which exploited all nations’ resources, is going to be a thing of the past.

Turkey is building a new region-based power domain, excluding new power blocs such as the Atlantic axis (U.S.-Europe), Russia, China, India, and Germany (EU). This bloc is the “Turkey axis.”

Rise of ‘Middle Zone’: It will change the planet

Turkey is trying to tell “Middle Zone” countries, people, leaders and administrations, which span the coasts of the Atlantic Ocean and the Pacific Ocean and includes North and Central Africa, the Balkans and the Middle East, Anatolia and Asia Minor, South and Southeast Asia, and Central Asia, that the establishment of a new world is possible.

Turkey is cognizant that this zone of empires includes maritime trade routes, land trade routes, energy resources, and energy corridors. It is aware of the power this signifies.

Our interpretation of the ‘Stop Turkey’ discourse is correct

Turkey is trying to make a statement – and it is indeed making a statement – with the fact that this zone’s history of empires, this zone being a zone of cities that lends power to nations, is a regional definition that all civilizations will concur.

Turkey’s interpretation of the “Stop Turkey” discourse rising in the West is correct. It is aware that such theories of the West no longer find a response in the world, that the world’s overwhelming majority will no longer accept the Western world order.

Everything Turkey touches comes to life. Now, the Caucasus is on a rise

Turkey triggered an extremely powerful transformation wherever it reached out to in the last half a decade. Every country it supported gained awareness and experienced a revival of power. Those countries and its people started to recover.

We are now seeing the same unravel in Karabakh. Azerbaijan, under the presidency of Ilham Aliyev, set off a very deep transformation with its state, nation, military, mind and ebullience.

It showed that Armenia has been defeated, that Azerbaijan is strong, that it will never again be deterred by Armenian threats. This will not change – ever.

We saw the same thing happen previously in Libya. We saw it in Syria. We saw it in Iraq. We saw the same revival of power around the Red Sea and the Persian Gulf. We are going to continue to see it in many more places.

A leader profile like Erdoğan, a country profile like Turkey… Nobody can stop this!

Turkey has paved the way for small countries to take on great nations, even with armed UAVs alone. This is a revolution in human history, and will change a great deal.

Any leader supported by President Recep Tayyip Erdoğan gains strength. Any leader he is not pleased with loses strength.

An Erdoğan-type leader profile, a “Turkey-type” country profile is gaining popularity.

The “Erdoğan model” is the role model in the Middle Zone spanning the Atlantic and the Pacific. So is the Turkey model. Nobody can stop this wave. Not even the West.

The article first appeared in Yeni Safak

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