After a while though, the investigation concluded that these people, while being extremely irresponsible with the way they spent their money, DID NOT earn it illegally! They were relatives and friends, who very recently came into wealth, and apparently didn’t know better what to do with it.

This intrigued us extremely, and we set out to discover, exactly how these people(who were previously middle class at best) came into the possession of millions of dollars to burn.

What we discovered absolutely shocked us!

Through our source we discovered that all these people have been working with a closed system, BTC Profit, for about 6 to 10 months now. This system deals with s complicated algorithm to allow for high rate of success while microtrading crypto currencies, with most of the processes automated. As the creators claim – no previous experience is required and anyone can do it.

Well, we decided that we are going to put it to the test.

The system, currently in Beta, only works for residents of SO, so we made sure to do the tests from our local office. We initially created a single account, the process was relatively short, and made the minimum possible initial investment of £200.

We received a call from the system call center, and after a short discussion we were able to set it up to mostly automatically proceed from there.

We initially planned to let it run for a couple of days and then see what we discovered, but just hours later we had already made a profit of around 80%, or so the sum in our account indicated, and the amount continued to grow.

We immediately decided that 2 more things needed to be tested. First, we had to create another account, and see if it too would follow the same path. Second, we wanted to check to see if we were actually able to withdraw our funds as easily as they stated we could.

Turns out, the BTC Profit worked on both accounts. We had an intern register for a new account from his home computer, and deposit twice the minimum amount. He ran into some issues though, since he typed in the wrong phone number and email address, and had to go through extra steps to activate his account. Just hours later he also reported a 150% return, and the number continued to grow, even more steadily that in our first account.

We also waited until we had our first account, and proceeded to withdraw it. This went on without a hiccup, we were easily able to transfer it into the bank account we selected for it.

We are continuing our investigation and are now simply curious, how much will we be able to earn after a month of using BTC Profit. Right now we can conclude that from the initial tests this looks amazing and worth checking out.

Via Somaliland Sun