Somalis in Ankara face daily harassment from police-report


12 May 2022, Thursday 12:2


Members of the Human Rights Association (İHD) visited refugees from Somalia and the capital city of Ankara, who have been facing pressures to close their shops.

Fatin Kanat, the Ankara co-chair of the İHD, said, “If we stay together and know about each other, we will get through this more easily,” noting that they will talk to relevant institutions about the situation of the refugees.

Refugees from Somalia have businesses mostly on Sümer 1 and Sümer 2 streets in Kızılay quarter. Their businesses include consultancy firms, as well as restaurants and cafes.

Until the recent “refugees out” campaign, recipes from their unique cuisine and their restaurants with authentic decoration were frequently reported in the media.

A.K., a shopkeeper from Somalia, told the association about the pressure they have faced.

They have faced pressures and hearts since August 2021, said A.K. “At first, I would take it normally.”

“After I visited the İHD, I was detained two or three times. There was no reason for this,” he added.

“[The police] make trouble only in Kızılay. Police officers changed the name of [his restaurant] from ‘Somalian Table’ [Somali Sofrası] to ‘People’s Table’. They come every day and continue to threaten us,” he said. (AEK/VK)

Source: BİANET

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