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Djibouti Port Community Systems (DPCS), which is a subsidiary of Djibouti Ports and Free Zones Authority (DPFZA) is an IT company setup that operate the Port Community Systems, the IT describes itself as an online one-stop-shop services from all the Port Community.


DPCS filled the gap that has been spurred by the current lack of IT solutions to coordinate the different processes linked to not only importing and exporting through the ports but also airports, rail and corridor.

At first, the Port Community System aimed at leveraging technology to simplify, connect and streamline those processes. But is surprisingly doing more. Online services for the free-zones companies, for example, are available on the system. What this means is that various tasks including online registration, work permit, residency card, exonerations as well as online payments can be done smoothly.

Djibouti ports benefits includes relief from inverted tariffs, savings on damaged goods, duty exemption on re-exports, duty elimination on waste, scrap and yield loss, savings on damaged or nonconforming items, savings, cash flow management as well as zone-to-zone transfers, just but to mention a few.

Perhaps high growth companies should not ignore the advantage that they will have by partnering with DPCS. Its vision, use technology to transform Djibouti into a logistics hub of excellence, is living to its billing.

This calls for a powerful statement, which practically explains why the DPCS exists. It variously states on its website that its mission is to increase productivity and efficiency of not only sea and air ports operations but also customs regulatory documentation through the implementation of PCS.

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